Hand-carved and Painted Antique Punch and Judy Puppet Head

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I believe this wonderful old carved and painted heavy wood puppet head, which came from a fantastic set of handmade Punch and Judy puppets, represents Judy, the  wife of Punch, who is typically depicted wearing a blue dress and bonnet, remnants of which remain here. I love her in her much used and worn state--clearly with many puppet shows behind her, during which the paint on her nose was completely worn away, leaving the wood beneath it completely exposed--and find her rather regal, with the remains of her old bonnet reading a bit like a crown. The surface of the much cracked paint I think is pretty fantastic too!

The head will stand upright if leaned against something. There was once a stick extending down from the head, which at some point broke off. The head measures 6 1/2" tall x 4" deep x 3" wide.