Hand-carved 1903 Anchor Plaque

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Whether one lives by the sea or in the middle of the country, I think this finely hand-carved wooden shield-shaped anchor plaque makes for a pretty wonderful thing to hang on the wall, signifying adventure as well as safe harbor. It's just beautifully done, with the rope carved in the round as it snakes across the top of the anchor, and then this field of pin-prick like marks outlining the year of its making, I assume: 1903. Really striking hung--and with a nice hook at the top of the back to make that super easy!

 6 1/2" tall x 5 1/8" wide x 3/4" deep. Excellent condition, with just one very tiny nick in the  the wood on the highest-relief tip of the anchor on the right side, as pictured in detail photo. There also appears to have been a tiny inlaid repair long ago, perhaps at the time of making--about a third of the way down on the right side: perfectly executed, and which only adds to the piece.