Haitian Carved Wood Bird in the manner of André Dimanche

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My guess it that this wonderfully expressive carved bird is indeed the work of well known, self-taught Haitian artist André V. Dimanche (1901-1988), but it is unsigned, so I am not 100% certain. It bears an extremely close resemblance to other carved standing birds by the artist, including two currently on the website of Indigo Arts, including this Mother Bird with Young, 1970, viewable here.  I purchased this piece at the estate sale of gallerist Cynthia Numark Prelack, whose Iguana gallery on Newbury Street in Boston focused on Haitian art, representing the work of many prominent Haitian artists. 

I find this bird, with its extraordinarily expressive face and posture, very moving. It seems to embody a great and deep sorrow, amplified by--perhaps hinged upon-- the void at its feet. Tender, humble and deeply humane, this is a piece that I think only  becomes richer and more affecting the more time one spends with it. 

7 1/2" tall x 3 1/4" wide and deep. In very good vintage condition, with some aging to to the wood.