Gutenberg Printing Press Vintage Wooden 1:10 Scale Kit Model

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I think this is pretty cool. It's a vintage 1:10 scale model of the 15th c Gutenberg printing press, constructed from a kit. I’ve found a couple of different kits produced over the years; this one I believe is from a Scientific Heritage kit distributed by Offer Development Co. NYC, including some 85 wood and brass parts. The crank on the side turns and the threaded press arm can be loosened or tightened, which allows for opening up the print plate, or else pressing it tightly closed. 

Whoever assembled it did a pretty nice job! The hand-crank that once attached to the threaded press arm broke off at some point (pretty cleanly), but otherwise it is in great condition.  A fun gift for your favorite publisher or printmaker — and it also makes a pretty fun easel for a tiny print or painting! 

10" tall X 9" long X 7" wide.