Gujarat Theli Bag with Fine Hand Embroidery, Mirrors, and Sequins

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I'm forever on the hunt for interesting bags--both because I haul around a lot of stuff, but also because they make a largely black and white wardrobe far more exciting!--and this finely handmade vintage Indian Theli bag is really a stunning one, purchased from the estate of a gallerist and collection who had accumulated many very fine textiles from around the world. Both sides of this bag feature matching, very fine Kutch mirror work embroidery, a heavily detailed form of traditional Indian traditional embroidery that originates from the Kutch and the Saurashtra regions of Gujarat in North Western India--as well as a perimeter of multi-colored sequins and cut and sewn cotton fabric triangles fringe. I find the needlework really amazing--and looking closely, I see what I believe are two birds facing one another near the top of the bag, and a figure in a dress near the bottom--and, having looked at a wide variety of Theli bags, can say that this an outstanding example.  

This bag is in very good, very clean vintage condition, with wear really only visible  in the loss of many of the sequins around the border, and light wear to the handles of the bag. It measures 19" tall x 18" wide without handles; there is a 5" drop from the handles to the top of the bag.