Grenfell Mission, Labrador Hand-painted Letter Opener c. 1930s-40s

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I found another of these Grenfell Mission letter openers a few years ago and have kept a keen out out for another ever since--because they are rare, and because items produced by Grenfell Mission have become quite collectible, but mostly because they are fabulous! And this one is in really excellent condition. Hand-painted on both sides with a figure in white parka with green gloves on red sled, pulled by this terrific row of three black dogs. Wonderfully graphic and just great.

Grenfell handicrafts like this letter opener were done by patients recovering in the hospital. I believe it dates to sometime between the late 20s and 1945.

9 3/4" l x 1 1/4" w x 3/16" d and in excellent condition, very bright and crisp, with only light wear, magnified in photos.