Grenfell Mission, Labrador Canada Hand-painted Letter Opener

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I am completely smitten with this letter opener, which research led me to discover was produced by the Grenfell Mission, a philanthropic organization  founded in 1892 that provided medical and social services to people in rural communities of northern Newfoundland and Labrador.  The Mission's "Village Industry Department" brought artists from all over to support the artistic endeavors of the residents, and the mission became widely known for its handicrafts,  sold through its co-operative stores as well as exported. I will now be keeping a keen eye out for more of their things!

This hand-painted letter opener, probably dating to the 20s or 30s, is just terrific, with the three black dogs pulling that green sled, and the rider in white hooded anorak with red trim and gloves. The same design is painted on both sides. I might be inclined to perch this atop a couple of nails on the wall to be able to look at it all the time!

9 3/4" long x 1 1/4" tall x 1/4" thick and in very good vintage condition- a tiny bit of loss of paint along the bottom edge, a few very minor surface scratches and some light stains visible on the white paint on the back side.