Great Vintage Mexican Folk Art Alebrije in the manner of Manuel Jimenez

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I believe this Alebrije is a llama, and a very charming one, painted/stained a great mellow reddish/pinkish orange, with a soft ochre yellow for the interior of the ears and black squiggles all over for the fur. My favorite Oaxacan alebrije are classic, fairly simple ones just like this one, in the manner of renowned Alebrije creator Manuel Jimenez.  Curiously, this one is signed three times on the underside of its belly, perhaps a record of its owners rather than its maker? The earlyist of the three appears to date to 1989, though I think likely it is at least a bit older than that.

7 1/4 tall x 5 1/2" long x 2 1/4" wide and in great condition with a nice sense of age to the color.