Great Set of Seven Mustard and Cream Japanese Studio Pottery Small Plates

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One can never have enough pretty small plates -- they're great for cocktail parties, wine and cheeses, or any sort of gathering oriented toward grazing--or just for bedside snacks! And this lovely set of seven hand thrown stoneware plates, made in Japan, would make even the simplest of fare seem special. The primary glaze is a rich mustard-y yellow-brown, with blackening in some areas as a result of the firing process. Over the bottom third a cream glaze has been added, with brown hand-painted reeds or grasses on top. Finally, against the mustard, following the line of the rim, are slip trailed arching white lines in slight relief, evincing the sun or a rainbow and turning the whole plate into a landscape. Each one of these is different, and while they feel quite delicate and precious, they have a nice weight and substantialness--with not a chip or crack on any of them!

Each measures approximately 5 1/2" diameter x 7/8" tall. They are in great condition and each stamped on the bottom (pressed into the clay), "Made in Japan".