Iconic Feeling Antique Tole Painted CAKE Box

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There's a lot of old toleware out there that does nothing for me, but sometimes a piece hits it exactly, as I think this antique cake box does.  In major part it is all about those great stencil painted letters, executed in gray that runs lighter to darker in shade and then with terrific red accents along the bottom edges. In a terrific stylized capital font too, which I think enhances the potency and resonance of the word itself--here is a box of CAKE!--as if everything one could ever want might be stashed inside. Really quite iconic feeling I think, and just exactly right.

13 3/4" x 9 3/4" x 9” t; large enough for quite a large cake! Very good antique condition with general overall wear. Some rusting to the bottom in the interior but sound and stable; lid opens easily, closes flush and clasps closed. Hinges in excellent shape. Late 19th c. I believe.