Great Old Stoneware Pottery Bowls, Presumed Jugtown - Sold Individually

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I am not entirely sure that these are Jugtown North Carolina pottery, but they sure feel like it to me in every way, from the clay to the shapes to the glazing. In any event, I think they're really great looking (and feeling) bowls, which I was thinking would be especially terrific as small planters, with a few, or all six, lined up in a row! 

Four are orange glazed with blue around the lips, the other two are a great stony brown. Because I know that early Jugtown Pottery glazes had lead in them, I think probably safest not for food use (but if not for plants, perfect for filling with rocks or shells for sure.) 

Each measures about 5 3/8" in diameter x 2 5/8" tall. Very good overall condition, with a few very minor chips. PRICE IS PER BOWL. Select how many you'd like and at checkout indicate which color; if you'd like all six, add 5 to your cart and the 6th, if still available, is free.