SOLD (hold for MG) Great Old Make Do Cigar Box Marbles Solitaire Board

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This super sweet old marbles solitaire board, fashioned out of a King Perfectos cigar box, is right up my alley in every way. Made from what was ready at hand, it's the perfect solution to needing a place to store marbles when not in play, and drilling holes in the lid the most perfectly direct way of making the board. Its maker also cared about aesthetics, painting it all a great dark red, and then pencil drawing the cross of the board, which to my eye is really beautiful. And on the underside of the box, also in pencil, are written lots of great names, from Buster Franklin Latamere to what looks like Babe Norine Lawton--my guess a record of who all played on it. Really great. 

8 3/4" x 5 1/4" x 2 7/8". Some darkening along one edge of the lid, and dings, scrapes and paint loss here and there, all to the good I think. It's a cigar box so pretty light in weight but structurally sound and the lid opens and closes smoothly.  (+++ I'm about to list a bunch of batches of clay marbles, sold separately.)