Great Old Handmade Four Sided 24 Inch Measuring Stick in Custom Increments

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So many interesting and beautiful old measuring tools out there in the world, many of which seem rather mysterious in terms of how they would have been used, as does this one to me! Clearly this one, measuring 24 inches long, was custom made by its user, with hand-stamped (impressed) numbers in different increments on each side. One side measures inches, marking each of 24. Another side is divided into 3/4" units; another 7/8" units, and another 1 3/16" units. The wear is pretty even all over, suggesting whoever used it was pretty equally engaging all sides. Found in Maine, I would guess used by a logger/lumberer, but I can't find an equivalent; I would love to know if you know. Whatever the case, another lovely one for the special ruler collection, and I really love the way the numbers were marked, with lines separating double digits, some positioned in a wonderfully wonky way. 

24" x 3/4" x.3/4" and in great condition. Late 19th c. or so I would think. Divisions: 3/4” units, 7/8 units, 1 inch units, 1 3/16 units.