Great Old Hand-painted Wooden House Building Blocks + Huge Lot of Extras If You Want Them!

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These charming old hand-painted wooden blocks came in a large bin filled with at least a hundred more plain ones--mostly rectangular blocks of various sizes and lengths, and most red painted on at least one side--which are yours if you'd like them, along with these these. (Just let me know with a note at checkout; I may just need to charge just a few extra bucks for shipping, as the entire lot weighs about 8 lbs.) It is these red and white ones painted with windows and doors (all of them included in first photo) that made me buy the lot though--as satisfying Ito my eye as little handmade wooden houses, and lending themselves to constructing all sorts of structures and arrangements. 

Large door block measures 4" x 3" 3/4". Window blocks measures 2" x 1 5/8" x 3/4". A little wear to paint on a few, but overall in great shape. The second to last photograph of a pile of blocks shows some more of the other plain ones--again, free for the cost of shipping if you'd like them along with the purchase of these.