Great Old Folk Art Wooden EGGS Sign with Pointing Hand

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I think it was a brilliant move of the maker of this old sign to put the red hen at top, such that it appears as if she is raining eggs, and nice big ones too! I love the hand-drawn cutout letters they rain over too. But best of all I think is the pointing hand at the bottom, made especially great by the white cuff separating plate blue sleeve from pink hand, and black outlines delineating fingers and fingernails. If I encountered this sign in the wild, I would most definitely stop and head that way!

28 inches tall x 11 inches wide. The sign board itself is 3/4" deep, with the cutout letters and eggs about 3/8" thick on top of that, and the hen a full inch deep with cutout wing mounted on top of cutout. Two rails on the back of the sign add another 1/2" of depth. 

This sign was clearly used and shows aging, fading, and staining, as pictured (the colors in photographs are pretty accurate, with the finer details of the eggs and letters being a bit paler/less saturated than actual.) Structurally it is great shape and super sturdy. There is a small hole at the center of the top that a screw or nail would go through, though I might add a hanger to the back instead.