Sweet Old Folk Art Sawing Man in Blue Cap Whirligig Fragment

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What a charmer this guy is in his red, white and blue, holding onto his green saw still, which I assume he once pushed and pulled, back in forth, when attached to a larger whirligig. Much less cumbersome now on his own, though happily still with the nails in his feet that would have attached him to it, reading now rather like spiky cleats to complement his baseball-type cap! All of his joints move easily, lending to positioning him in all sorts of ways; he'll balance in a few of them on his own, but needs to lean lightly against something to manage others! Nice old paint, great silhouette to his face, and I love that black dot for an eye. 

11" tall not including nails on feet, 9 7/8" long, 11/16" deep. Good, sturdy, and sound condition. I added one little bit of wire to connect the bottom corner of his saw blade to the saw; all stable now. C. 1930s or so I would guess.