SOLD (hold for KA) Great Looking Old Double Six Dominoes Set, Complete

Regular price $45.00

I am honestly not 100% sure what the face of these dominoes is made of; I'm pretty sure a very hard plastic, maybe wrapped around metal, but they almost have the feel of ceramic, with the surfaces a really nice matte white. I really love dominoes, both aesthetically and as a great, play-anywhere game, and this is just a fairly unusual and really good looking set, which have a nice feel in the hand, too; perfect for heavy use! 

28 dominoes, each 1 5/8" x 3/4" x 3/8" d and in good, used condition, with a little pitting to surface of the 1-0 domino and corner wear to most, no real matter. Wooden backs. Sold in the old red cardboard box I found them in, into which they fit perfectly.