Funny Little Whittled Doll with Painted Face, Cloth Pants

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Such a funny little fellow! And a pretty great one I think, not very skillfully whittled, but full of personality! The painted face, and especially the bleeding blue and black of the eyes, keeps reminding me of the work of the late great Joyce Pensato; like her paintings of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, this little doll feels decidedly animate. And while the cloth pants/legs feel a bit secondary, I think they are actually the perfect thing; awkward appendages to be flopped left, right, or to either side --and also making one think a bit of those huge inflatable flapping figures placed outside car dealerships and the like. 

Earlyish 20th century I believe. 6" top to bottom; carved part is 3 1/4" tall, 1" diameter. There is a black stain and fraying to the pants, and a split in the wood down the right side. He needs to lean against something in order to sit up!