Boldly Graphic Handmade Quilt, Indigo Calico with Piecework Squares and Shirting Fabric Reverse

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I don't deal much in quilts, though if they were easier to photograph I would! (Forgive my not great photos here taken in crummy lighting.) I made the leap with this one though, the bold graphicness of these piecework squares in a grid of five by five against indigo blue calico I couldn't resist, and with a nice play among a few different indigo calico prints used that lends another layer of interest and complexity to the grid.  Plus a beautiful shirting fabric back that makes me think of Anni Albers. C. 1940s or so I believe, all cotton, light in weight, hand-pieced and hand-quilted. 

65" x 66" inches and in very good condition, very well cared for and clean. A couple of small flaws as documented in photos, minor. All cotton,