Gouache on Board 1976 Rendering of Liggett Group Rockwell Sabeliner Jet

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This is a luscious vintage 1976 gouache and pencil on board rendering of a Rockwell Sabeliner 75A corporate jet, which I'd assume, based on the logo painted on the tail, was owned by the Liggett Group. Liggett was a Durham, NC-headquartered tobacco company (Chesterfields, etc), which that same year had changed its name from Liggett & Myers to The Liggett Group. The rendering (which I purchased in its original--ugly--frame, with the stamp of a Cary, NC framer on back) I believe was done by a Dennis Martin (who signed a second drawing I found this one alongside; I've included a photo of his signature on that one), an artist who I believe worked and taught in  North Carolina, Oklahoma City and the Kansas City area, and became know for hyper realistic metal point work. It seems that he was in his 20s or so when in North Carolina, I assume doing some commercial work on the side to make some $. 

I think it is really a beautiful thing, which seems not to have faded a bit over the years; the white and oranges are super lush. It's done on heavy, stiff gray board and dated on the back 5/19/76. 15" long x 7 1/2" tall. Excellent condition, with some printed text along the very bottom edge, which seems original to the piece of board.