Kitty Merrett's Gorgeous Early 20th C. Schoolgirl Sewing Practice Book

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The more time I've spent with this, the more each page feels to me like a painting, comprised of several different sewing samples stitched to brown paper in chance compositions that feel like little Agnes Martin's or Richard Tuttle's.  Plus a perfect palette of white and pink and red and blues of various shades. The notebook itself is British, 1910-20s I believe, kept by a Gladys (aka Kitty, as she wrote of the first inside page) Merrett. Samples cover various sorts of stitching and hemming and edging and darning, etc. I'd be very very tempted to take this one apart and frame individual pages. YUM.

8 1/4 x 6 5/8; Five pages filled front and back, so 10 faces, with one blank page at the end. All in good condition, with all samples well attached to paper, and staple binding holding all pages tightly together. A few favorites first in photos; documentation covers all pages.