Gorgeous Yellow Painted Sculptural Tin Frame, with Glass

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Yum. Photos do this frame no real justice. I purchased it one from my favorite dealer in the Hudson River Valley and am rather obsessed with it. Made of tin, which appears quite old, I believe it is Mexican, likely made to house a retablo. The curled tin on each side makes it a very sculptural thing with great objecthood--just right for a retablo of a saint or the Madonna herself, as if unfurling to reveal a vision from the heavenly world. The form and yellow painted tin simultaneously feels quite modern, such that it would be perfectly suited for a contemporary painting or drawing, say. But it feels complete in itself, too, just as a thing framing a void. With glass, as found, and a hanging loop at top. Plus the initials EEM incised into the paint at lower right. 

Overall: 12 1/4" x 9 5/8". Frame niche on reverse: 9 1/2" x 7 1/4". Very good condition, sturdy and sound. The glass is not secured; some sort of backing would be needed to hold it it securely in place.