Gorgeous Rusty Woven Iron Antique Trivet

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I am completely obsessed with this thing, which I believe is a trivet, woven I'd guess 150 years ago or so of iron strips of varying lengths and widths, folded over at the ends to hold it together. Between the overall form, the pattern and texture of the woven strips, and the variegated color of the now well rusted iron, I find it just an exquisitely beautiful thing that I would hang on the wall straight away, and consider as a sculpture and painting both. 

It has a bit of a different quality on either side--one showing darker the other a little rustier red, both great. Structurally it is in very good shape, tightly woven and with all of the folded ends still holding it tight. The surface shows lots of rust and corrosion as pictured, making it better suited for display than frequent use as a trivet.  8 1/4" x 8 3/8".