Gorgeous Acoma Native American Polychrome Pot, c.1930s, Signed S. Sanchez

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I always keep an eye out for older Acoma pots, which I love for their bold, graphic decoration but can rarely afford, so was thrilled to just find this beauty, which I especially love for the hearts on their sides circling the upper half. Circa 1930s, I have a notion that it may be a fairly early piece by master Acoma pottery Delores S. Sanchez  (1902-1999); signed S. Sanchez, the signature is a very close match for hers, less the Delores, which typically appears on a separate line above the S.Sanchez. I am not certain of this attribution, but I have found other works by her using the heart motif; at any rate, it is certainly a fine and to my eye strikingly beautiful thing!  

5 1/2" in diameter X 5" tall. Original paint with no touch ups, breaks, or cracks. There are a few very small chips to the surface of the body of the pot, as documented--very minor. I have not touched it.