Gorgeous Old Hopkinton Town Team Stencil Painted Banner

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There are towns of Hopkinton in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and maybe a few other places, too--found in NH, I believe it is that Hopkinton "town team" for which it was made many many years ago, but surely it could be used to root for any Hopkinton team now! I find it a fantastically beautiful thing, with the black of the stencil painted lettering as black and rich a black as ever there was, and perfectly stark against the age-stained, (now cream colored--details give a best sense of color) cotton cloth. I especially love how the "M "was turned upside-down to make the "W", and the shapes of that "K" and "E" and "A". And there is a very old patch upon which the "EAM" in "team" was painted, most visible from the backside. I know one might question what to do with something like this, but I pinned it a wall at home to photograph it and could have sat looking at it all day. Feels aligned with the pure beauty of old school baseball.

59" l x 22" t. Holes in the cloth as documented, but not at all delicate and they're not getting any bigger. Cloth is light and easy to pin up tautly with just 3 or 4 pins.