Gorgeous Old Carved Wooden Printing Letters (23)

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I've never come across fully hand-carved old printing letters like this before, and am just completely in love with them as objects, and all the more so for the mix of old black and white paint on the face of some of them, and dry wood on the rest. Each is carved from one piece of wood, with tapering handles of varying lengths, which would make them a joy to print with should one wish to put them to work, though I'm quite content just to look at them. Missing the B, T and W, but plenty they could spell out without them! 

Ranging in length from about 3 1/2" to 3 7/8"; about 1 1/8" t x 1" w. Very good condition, with crusty paint on some of the letters as evident. They will stand on the flat ends of their handles should one wish to display face up!