Gorgeous Handwoven Ikat Indigo Textile from Sumba, Indonesia

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I can think of nothing more beautiful to wrap up in than this gorgeous textile-- indigo dyed cotton Ikat from Sumba, Indonesia, handwoven on a backstop loom. It was made in two panels, which have been sewn together with black thread. The imagery is complex and out of this world, from the primary figures with arms raised, legs spread, delineated rib cages, and giant phallus?!; the whole variety of birds and snakes and other creatures that surround them; and the repeating motif of what appear to be smiling little faces (maybe offspring?) The more you look, the more you find. 

Truly an exquisite thing, the textile would be stunning hung on the wall, where one might spend hours getting lost in it. It would also make a fantastic bed spread or throw.

I found this textile at probably my favorite estate sale ever in Newton, MA, where I also purchased several gorgeous Burmese lacquer boxes among a number of other lovely things.

43” wide x 100” long, not including fringe, and in perfect condition.