Gorgeous Very Old Corrugated Pottery Pitcher - Presumed Early Anasazi or Mongollan

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This beautiful thing. I acquired it from the collection of artist Richard Fleischner, who it lived with for many years, alongside a wonderful collection including some other exquisite pots and baskets and other objects from around the world. Quite obviously it is a very old piece, hand-formed, and, having done a fair bit of research, I am  confident it is an example of early American Southwest Pueblo pottery, with partial corrugation (visible on the neck and lower portion of the body) made by leaving construction coils unobliterated, and manipulating these exposed coils to produce a rough exterior surface. I am including a couple of examples from museum collections in photos.) Most corrugated pottery is attributed to the Anasazi and Mongolian populations, and dated between 650 and 1450; the combination of corrugation and incising on smoothed areas of this one--the latter on the on the upper half of the body--make me think it may date toward the later part of the period. Between that textural surface and sculptural body; fat, gestural handle that feels to me rather like a hand on hip; and elegant long neck, I find it a tremendously satisfying thing, and with a real gravity of presence. Very striking.

9 1/2” t x 6 1/2” d; 8” across at handle, 4” lip. Very good condition, not at all delicate, with no cracks or repairs, just with some very old losses around the lip.