Gorgeous 19th C. Miniature Oil Portrait of Great Beauty, Continental

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(Photos shot through glass, trying to avoid glare--she's better and sharper in person!) I've been look at a whole lot of miniature portraits of late, both American and European (which this is), and it's taking more and more to sell me--but this one won me in one second flat. What a dark haired beauty she is, blushing cheeks, shoulders bared, and with a bit of a knowingness to her gaze despite her youth, which adds to her intrigue. Love. Oil on board, with craquelure, which I love, in its original purple velvet backed frame. Mid 19th c. I believe.

5 3/16" t x 4 9/16" w in frame. Very good antique condition. There is tearing to the purple velvet on the back; which I closed up with a bit of archival tape just to keep it from flapping open.