Gorgeous Antique Wood Framed Large School Slate with Corner Reinforcements

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This is the most beautiful old school slate I believe I have ever seen. And I think it is also the heaviest! I have not found another with this sort of double frame all the way around, or with these reinforced corners, with what appear to me to be iron plates wrapping around the sides, held in place by clusters of fat nails. Just wonderful. Plus, a name carved into the wood at the top of one side, which looks to read Chas Magill or similar. I think Chas must have be a pretty privileged child to have such a fine slate, and the overall wear to the wood suggests it served him long and well!

There is a leather strap knotted through holes at the top of the slate, perfect for hanging it up. One side is blank slate and the other has horizontal lines. The wood is a beautiful warm brown and all the better for the scrapes and scratches--but no splits--all over. The frame has a little wiggle but is structurally very sound. 14 1/2" tall x 10 1/4" wide x 5/8" thick.