Gorgeous Antique Turned Hardwood Checkers Set in Original Slidetop Box

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I'm always looking at old game boards because they are beautiful, but I also believe in putting them to use! This is a truly gorgeous set of antique checkers (or draughts), 19th century British and turned of boxwood and ebony, I believe. Fifteen of each, turned in the classic "bullseye" design, these have a very nice weight and feel great in the hand, elevating a game of checkers to a serious (but joyful) pastime! 

Checkers and box are in great condition. Box shows some light wear but no loss whatsoever and slide top goes on smoothly and holds super tight.  Only tiny dings here and there to the checkers. Box measures 5 1/2"l  x 2 1/2" w x 2 1/8" t. Checkers measure 15/16" inn diameter x 7/16" thick.