Gorgeous Antique Painted Tin Clock with Compass Star, Flowers, Fruit (for Display)

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This beautifully painted tin face is attached to a whole clock, but it is not in working condition so a decorative object--and one can point the brass dial to whatever time one likes! I just find the painting on it so lovely, with red and blue compass style star top center flanked by white flowers and fruits with graceful leaves all around. I believe the "Mora" refers to its type as a Mora clock, late 18th c. Swedish in origin but I think this one 19th c. American. This would once have lived inside a tall wooden case I believe, and with it still is the heavy brass pendulum which I will send along if desired. It will sit nicely on a shelf, and angling back just a bit as pictured. 

12 7/8 x 9” X 6” d, not functioning as a clock but face is in very good, beautifully aged condition.