Gorgeous Antique Inlaid Hardwood T-Square and Drafting Triangle

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I've got a serious weakness for old drafting and drawing tools, and these are about the most beautiful I've seen. I'd be inclined to hang them from a couple of nails on the wall near the desk or in the studio, to readily retrieve as needed and to inspire the rest of the time. (I think they would also make a great gift for one's favorite architect, or artist who draws straight lines!) C. 1900 or so I believe, constructed of two different alternating hardwoods, which, if I were better at identifying, I would!  In excellent shape and just gorgeous.

T-square measures 15" l x 5 3/16" across at T. Triangle hypotenuse is 13 7/8" l; short sides are 9 13/16". All in very good condition.