Gorgeous Antique 16+ Inch Sculpturally Carved/Turned Posts

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So juicy. These make me think a lot of old carved barber shop poles, and a little of old carved hearse curtains too--all of which I regularly drool at! It actually seems as if these could have been barber shop poles originally (there are a few dings showing bits of red paint, and some gold paint at the ends too; and there is one small plugged hole in each, as if they might have been mounted)--then repainted dark brown, perhaps for use at the funeral home! Whatever the case, such beautiful forms with those dynamic fat carved twists, standing on their own at 16 5/8 inches tall--great just as sculptural objects, but one could also lay a shelf horizontally atop them, say. 

16 5/8" x 3 3/4” widest, sold as a pair. Good antique condition, striking sculptural presence, with minor surface dings and general light wear.