Mid 19th C. Grain Painted Box (Eyes and Arches)

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I've become deeply enamored with 19th century paint decorated boxes, grain painted  especially, and think this one, c. 1850s and made of pine, I believe, is really a beauty. A sort of mustardy yellow with a darker pigmented shade over top applied through a combination of freehand brush strokes and comb application. I love the long, gently arching lines across the front, like a rainbow, and then what look like eyes split right down the middle on the sides, and in full on the back. Grain painting developed from the desire to use paint to mimic more expensive woods, but what wonderfully expressive and singularly special feeling things it yielded.

12 x 7 3/4" x 5 1/4" t and in good condition, with scattered minor dings here and there. One narrow interior divider. Hinges in great shape and structurally super sound and sturdy.