Gorgeous Victorian Collected Seaweed Album, Completely Full (33 Pages/55 Specimens)

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I've had a good handful of individual dried seaweed specimens over time, which I find so beautiful and evocative, but never a whole album of them, with 33 pages filled (many with several specimens per page), each mounted on card and pasted into the album, with hand-written labels underneath many. All together representing quite a variety of types of seaweed/sea kelp, I'd love to see this stay whole, as it has endured some 140 years as such so far, but it would be quite understandable to want to extract some pages to frame them individually. A rare and special feeling thing, which in addition to its sheer beauty I love for the process it documents, of what was most likely a woman venturing out on a stroll along the seashore again and again to collect and then carefully preserve them. 

Book: 8 15/16” x 7 1/2” x 3/4”. Pages: 8 11/16” x 6 15/16”. 33 pages filled (all; 55 specimens total); blank backs--many of which feature beautiful shadow images of the specimens. In very very good condition, with only very minor losses. Some wear to the spine but still holding fine and all pages remain well bound. I made one repair to re-secure a loose specimen at the very end of the book. I have documented all pages, as I could not stop myself, but have put a few of my favorites near the beginning of photos. Photos do no justice to the richness of the colors.