Gold Painted Finely Carved Two Balls in Cage Rattle Whimsy

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Quite an old one, very nicely done, and with its original gold paint making it especially special--and festive for the holidays! Being a rattle of sorts, this might be a good whimsy to gift a a much beloved child, with the expectation that it be handed down from one generation to the next--and definitely it's seen a few generations already But if just keeping for yourself, it's nice for just propping somewhere balanced on its pointy end (it just needs to lean lightly against something) or tie a ribbon around the other end and hang on the wall. And the balls rattle around quite nicely in their very thinly walled cage.

8 7/8" long x approximately 7/8" wide and deep. Very good I believe antique condition with wear, minor dings and paint loss here and there, all to the good I think.