Gold Leafed Early Miniature Painting on Laquered Papier Mache in Daguerrotype Frame

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A curious thing, which I purchased from a seller who knew nothing about it, but found it at an old estate. I believe it is quite an old painting, early 19th century I would guess, executed on what appears to be a gold leafed, black laquered paper mâché (such as that one finds antique snuff boxes made of) surface. I think the two layered gold toned frame, with glass, is likely a later addition, as the inner frame conceals a little of the the painting, though I do think it works fairly well. The manner of the painting and the clothing of the figures--the gentleman at front in what I believe is an early frock coat--together inform my sense of its age.  But I am really not quite sure what is going on in the painting, with the primary figure strangely holding what looks to be a rifle with the barrel pointed toward him, with perhaps his butler in the background?!

2 5/8" x 2 3/16" x 1/4" as framed. There is loss to the bottom right corner of the painting, concealed when inside frame. Otherwise, craquelure to the painting itself as documented but very little loss; very stable and not fragile and I think quite an interesting, wonderful small thing.