Godey's Ladies Cards Victorian Playing Cards

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Here is fun double deck set of “Godey’s Ladies” cards, made by King Press, c. late 1920s. "Godey’s Ladies" references “Godey’s Lady’s Book,” a the hugely popular Civil War magazine published in Philadelphia, by Louis A. Godey from 1830–1878, which contained poetry, articles, and engravings created by prominent writers and other artists of the time. The magazine was best known for the hand-tinted fashion plate that appeared at the start of each issue, which created a record of the progression of women's dress--the backs of these cards reproduce two of those. 

Each deck has 52 cards; no jokers. They come in their original box, which was produced by Fan C-Pack Co., New York.The cards are in great shape but the box--which measures 3 3/4" wide x 1 3/4" deep x 2 1/2" tall--shows its age, as documented in photos...but many good years left and the perfect excuse to host a ladies card night!