GOD BLESS OUR HOME, Wonderfully Crude Make Do Embroidery on Wire Mesh Screen, Original Frame

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I do believe my favorite find of the week; I just love this. I'd call it a "make do" version of a punch/perforated paper embroidery, done instead on a wire mesh screen (which one imagines was left over from screening the porch or barn yard or making a strainer) and, happily, with this red yarn forming the most perfectly crude, matter of fact lettering possible--a complete 180 degrees from the fancy to "God Bless" lettering of more common punch paper embroideries bearing the same phrase. The effect to my eye is of a sentiment that feels honest and urgent and true, and even a bit as if done as a plea in advance of a hurricane or tornado or earthquake, summoning protection--or made it the aftermath as a grateful declaration!

15 x 17 1/8 framed; 14 3/8 x 12 3/8 sight. In a period frame, with cardboard backing, all original to it, Yarn on wire mesh screen with some sort of cream cloth or paper behind the mesh that shows some staining, particularly along left edge.