Glass Apothecary Bottles with Handwritten Labels from Houle's Pharmacy, Lowell, MA

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I purchased these lovely apothecary bottles from a seller who had bought them some 40 years ago, when Houle's Pharmacy at 462 Moody Street in Lowell, Massachusetts closed its business. I have found records of Houle's in operation at least as early as 1919 at that location, and he bottles themselves, marked MBW USA on their bottoms, were made by Millville Bottle Works in Millville New Jersey, with the mark dating them to sometime between 1903-1930. So, one assumes the bottles and the labels are a hundred years old or so.  

There are still traces of some powder in the bottom of a few of them, which I have not rinsed out. The bottles and stoppers are all in great shape, no chips or cracks that I can see, and with the labels still tightly adhered. There is a bit of tearing to the Lowell Pharmacy label, which is unlike the others, but I think nice to have in the group as it contextualizes the others. Perfect for filling with new powders and tonics, or just setting on a shelf. 

Bottles measure 5 3/8" tall; 1 7/8" in diameter.  Sold as a set of 5.