Girl with Spools Antique Painting on School Slate

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I thought this sweet little painting--Victorian era, I'd think--on an old school slate would make a great gift for an emerging seamstress, or anyone handy with a needle and thread, really. I love how the spool to her left appears to be falling from the sky,  like a shooting star, and she reminds me of a waif from Dickens or the like, with this moment signaling her destiny yet to unfold! All of this is made even better by the old gold paint on the wood border of the school slate, enhancing a sense of fame and fortune ahead! 

8 3/16" t x 6 3/16" w x 3/8" d. The slate on the back is blank. Very good condition, with a little scraping to the slate that does not at all detract, and one corner that is slightly off square but does not wobble--the piece is very structurally sound. Easy to hang by looping a wire or ribbon through the frame.