Giorgio Sommer c. 1880 Albumen Print of Seated Hermes (Mercurio) at Naples Museum

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I've been really attracted to old photographs of classical sculptures/statues of late, or just lucky enough to be coming across them and finding them really beautiful. This is one of two albumen prints I found together, dating to the 1880s, which I believe likely were acquired on a "Grand Tour." The subject of both is a sculpture of "Mercurio," more commonly known as Seated Hermes, held (still, I believe) in the collection of the Naples Museum. This one was taken by German born Giorgio Sommer, attributed at lower right -- one of Europe’s most important and prolific photographers of the 19th century, Sommer (1834 - 1914) was active from 1857 to 1888, producing thousands of images of archeological ruins, landscapes, art objects and portraits.

Photograph measures 10 1/16" x 7 3/4". Very good condition, with a little toning at corners. Sold as found in paper slip, where it has lived a very long time, with corners of photo tucked through slits in paper. Slip measures 15 1/16" x 12".