Gilded Bronze Asian Rabbit Weight

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I'm certain that this wonderful gilded cast bronze rabbit (I believe a rabbit, but a bit of an unusual one with those large flat floppy ears) is Asian, and was probably made as a weight of some sort (it resembles some mat weights and scroll weights, and some opium weights as well). But I've searched and searched and not found another quite like it, though there are a fair number of small gilded cast bronze animals out there-- Japanese and Chinese, as well as Southeast Asian--dating from ancient times to the early 20th century. The style and the amount of gilding lost make me think it is pretty old, and I should probably take it to an expert to learn more--but I'm a bit lazy about that sort of thing and trust someone who knows more will find it and treasure it. Really a wonderful, weighty little object  that provokes, in me at least, a sense of calm and empathy.

1 1/4" long x 1 1/2" tall x 7/8" wide. The gilding obviously is well worn but otherwise in very good condition. There may be some sort of mark on the right side near the bottom (which differs in form from the left side bottom) but I can't make it out.