GIFTS Hand-painted Double-Sided Red and Black Wooden Sign

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I love original, truly one of a kind old handmade signs in all their brilliant variety, but I also love more straightforwardly functional ones like this great looking double-sided "gifts" sign (and two others, for Visitors Parking and Open House/Auction that I found along with it, listed separately) which can be used to mean exactly what they say, or creatively/strategically hung to comment on their context. One might hang this one in the  kitchen or dining room as a reminder to thank the cook, or hang it up around the holidays to signal that you're ready to receive some! 

21" x 4 3/4" x 7/8". In very good condition with the perfect amount of wear and screw-in hooks still in it for easy hanging. Essentially the same on both sides; photos document one side then the other.