Giant Sculptural 1897 Signed Wooden Painter's Palette

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This late 19th century oversized wooden painter's palette is not in perfect shape, but it remains to my eye a very beautiful thing, and I thought that if the glued repairs (two long splits in the wood of the flat section) seem bothersome, one could treat it as a sort of easel, pinning up a drawing, say, on the lower half and hanging the whole thing on the wall from the hole. Or one could, of course, use it as a palette once again, or paint a contemporary masterpiece on it! I, though, think it is plenty lovely to hang just as it is--as a great form and symbol of creative possibility--with the repairs falling away when viewed from any distance. Carved into the left side of the front with thumb hole at top is LMR 1897.

23 3/4" long x 15 1/2" wide x 5/8" thickest. If laid on the ground, it measures 1 1/2" off the ground at highest point due to some curvature. The two splits on the flat part of the palette were glued back together long ago, with the glue somewhat visible. Otherwise, it is in good condition, structurally sound and stable.