Giant Dog, Family, Women in Canoe - Double-Sided Watercolor

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This and one other today by the same maker--the last of a handful I've had by that unknown person, which were salvaged from a large sketchbook that was pulled from the flooded, over-full storage of a longtime collector. It's tragic to think of all that was lost (I understand the oversized sketchbook contained some 200 pages of drawings), with the few saved suggesting it would have blown my mind!!!!

This is the largest of the salvaged drawings and I think my favorite of all, a bit Darger-esque in its strangeness, between that giant dog and strange looking child and all that color and pattern. For me the whole thing hinges on the tension embodied in the dog near center, restrained as it body faces one way and its head the other, seeming simultenously to want to protect and to attack. And then on reverse, these two canoeing women in their fabulously detailed dresses, with birds of many colors in flight, deer departing, and flowers and trees everywhere. 

12 1/4" x 6 1/2".Some water staining visible on the canoeing side and a few tears coming in from the edges but stable and colors super vivid.