Giacomo or Carlo Brogi c. 1880 Albumen Print of Seated Hermes (Mercurio) at Naples Museum

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I've been really attracted to old photographs of classical sculptures/statues of late, or just lucky enough to be coming across them and finding them really beautiful. This is one of two albumen prints I found together, dating to the 1880s, which I believe likely were acquired on a "Grand Tour." The subject of both is a sculpture of "Mercurio," more commonly known as Seated Hermes, held (still, I believe) in the collection of the Naples Museum.  This one, attributed Edizioni Brogi at lower right, was taken either by Giacomo or Carlo Brogi--Giacomo Brogi (1822–1881), an Italian photographer, opened a photography studio in Florence in 1864 under his own name, the Maison Giacomo Brogi. He published and printed his photographs in various media and passed the business to his son Carlo Brogi (1850–1925), also a photographer, who continued the business after his father's death under the trade mark, Edizioni Brogi Firenze. I am guessing given the approx, date of it that it was taken by the son, but I am not completely certain.

Photograph measures 10 1/16" x 7 3/4". Very good condition, with a little toning at corners. Sold as found in paper slip, where it has lived a very long time, with corners of photo tucked through slits in paper. Slip measures 15 1/16" x 12".