German Hand-painted Wooden Cutout Couple in Traditional Costumes

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 I must say I find this unusual old pair of German cutout wooden figures quite compelling, and also problematic, which is I think in large part what makes them compelling.  His very particular posture seems a pure embodiment of lustfulness, amplified (and made rather ridiculous to a modern eye) by his traditional lederhosen, while her serious expression complicates the gesture of her raising the skirt corner of her dirndl (in the other direction) making one wonder whether she is flirting, or means to put off his advances--or, most likely, represents a male fantasy of doing both simultaneously. Good, then, that they are two separate figures, with distance forever between them--a scenario in which she holds the power, and he is left forever wanting.

I'm not certain of the age but would think first quarter of the 20th century or so. They measure approximately 4 1/2" x 2" x 1" deep. Very good coverall condition, and wonderfully hand-painted. There is a thin, clean slice off the front of her base, but she still stands straight and stable.