German Fabrik-Marke 9 Pin Kegelsport Tabletop Bowling Game

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A fun tabletop amusement, or just a great looking little display, this is a vintage "Kegelsport auf dem Tische" mini bowling game, with nine lovely blonde wood pins and a cool ball, pink rubber visible on one side and heavy cast metal on the the other. Nine pin preceded ten pin bowling, with the pins arranged in a diamond formation. Produced by the German company Fabrik-Marke and in the original box, the lower half of which is in good shape but the top half of which is missing its sides, so the lid just sort of rests on top. 

C. 1930s-40s. Box measures 3" x 5 1/2"x 1 3/8". Pins are 2 5/8" tall.